Microbiological Safety Cabinet (MSC) Testing & Commissioning

MSCs are a type of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) that must adhere to the same statutory obligations as set out CoSHH Regulation 9 with the requirement of thorough examination and testing at least once in every 14 month period or more frequently as per Section 4.

MSC are categorised as the following:

Class I. Operator/User protection only (Typical Fume Cupboard)

Class II. Operator/User and product protection (Partial enclosure with air filtration)

Class III. Total enclosure

Tests vary depending of the type of unit.Tests methods may include:

  • Containment testing via the use of the KI-Discus

  • Particle counts

  • Airflow

  • Leakage

  • Leak Tightness

  • Cleanability

  • Filter Integrity Testing

What I provide

A comprehensive and thorough examination of all elements of the MSC system in place, assessing the condition, design and performance of the unit with a detailed end report in full accordance with HSG.254 and BS EN 12469:2000.